Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Maintenance 101

A Few Tips From Ace Acme For Your Septic System

There is no way to anticipate an emergency. The best possible way to prepare for such a situation is to maintain your septic and plumbing systems. Some simple things can be done daily or periodically to ensure an unclogged septic tank.

Undiverted rain water can drain into the septic tank, filling it, if the septic tank is not sealed properly. This can cause an overflow and saturation of the septic tank that bleeds into the field or causes backflow into your home. The result is sewage in your tub or toilet. Be sure any surfaces (eg. other yard space, patios, and home gutters) drain away from the septic field. Ace Acme Septic Services can assist you in locating the surfaces that may be causing you trouble.

This solution can be practiced daily. Use less water by changing the setting on your laundry to a low water level, turning the dishwasher on less often, and taking shorter showers.

Roots can damage the septic system by making their way into the external pipes. Keeping an eye on drainage in your home can help catch a problem early if a root problem exists. Otherwise, root damage prevention can be practiced by watching tree growth.

Disposable diapers, feminine products, grease, or any other food products are dangerous to the proper drainage of pipes leading to your septic tank.

This can reduce the good bacteria that lives in your septic tank and encourages decomposition. Limiting these chemical cleaners to those approved by septic services will help. If you are unsure of what products are appropriate for the health of your septic system, contact Ace Acme Septic Services.