Sewer Hookup & Repair

Sewer Hookups

There are various reasons why you may be moving off your septicsystem to a municipal sewer hookup. Whatever the reason, we can help you.

We will first find the sewer line connecting your house to the tank. We will then connect to that line, dig a trench to the municipal sewer line, and connect you to the sewer main.

Everything we do must conform to county and city codes. We will also identify and repair cracks or trouble spots in the process.

Sewer Line Repair

A sewer that is backed up means you have a problem with your sewer lines. This is a serious problem and you need to have the sewer problem repaired quickly to avoid further damage.

Most Common Problems With Sewer Backup And Solutions Are Listed Below:

Clogged Sewer Line

The sewer line from the house to the tank (main line) is clogged.
Clogged sewer lines are normally due to years of neglect. Disposing of fats, grease and oils from shampoos and soaps are common causes.

Part of the routine maintenance on your septic system is Sewer line cleaning that should be done along with every other septic tank pumping. This will ensure an unrestricted path into the septic tank.

Clogged Baffle Filter

The Baffle Filter outlet is plugged. Filters have been installed in the outlets of most septic systems since the mid 80’s. If the filters have not been cleaned, backup may occur.

If your system has an outlet filter installed, it needs to be cleaned annually Have Ace Acme perform the service for your or train you in the proper procedure of replacing your Baffle Filters.

Pump Failure

Submersible Pump Failure

If your septic system contains a submersible pump as one of its components, there are many reasons why the submersible pump may stop working, such as:

  • Power failure
  • Breaker trips 
  • Pump gets unplugged
  • Pump wears out
  • Wires get cut
  • Float stop working
  • Shut off switch is flipped to the off position

Regardless of the failure, continued use of the plumbing in your home will result in raising the level of effluent in the tank and eventually cause the sewage to back up.

Have Ace Acme come out with a vacuum truck and pump your tank out so that we can troubleshoot the problem with your pump and get it repaired or replaced.

1. Many people are not familiar with their Septic System
2. Home inspectors do not normally inspect the septic system
3. Most People are unsure as to when a Septic System should be pumped out.
4. Septic Systems today can be the most expensive component of a home.
5. Today’s Septic Systems are more complex, more temperamental, and need more attention in order to function properly.

At Ace Acme Septic Tank Service, Inc. we have the knowledge, equipment, training, and staff in place to ensure your sewer lines and septic system are in working properly.

Drain Field Absorbtion

Parking or driving cars and other heavy machinery over your septic system can compact the drain field, diminish its absorption ability, and even crush the tank or the drain field laterals.

Replacing the tank or the drain field laterals is the only solution.