Sewer Backup? You May Need a Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Backup

A sewer backup can stem from a plethora of issues. Regardless of cause, the end result is hard to miss. It’s inconvenient and oftentimes stinky or messy. Here are some common signs that your sewer line is clogged.

Backed-Up or Slow Moving Drains

Your home’s drain system is interconnected. This means that all drains, big and small, connect up to your main sewer line. So, if you notice that multiple drains in your home are moving slow, are making a gurgling noise or smell, it could indicate a main sewer line backup.

Best practice is that if you recognize an issue with one drain in your home, check others for a similar issue. This includes, toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs.

Sewer Drainage Outside Your Home or in Your Basement

Every home has a sewer line access point, called the “sewer cleanout”. The sewer cleanout can be located outside your home or in your basement. You will recognize it by the round or rectangular plastic drain cap.

If you notice the sewer cleanout is leaking or is surrounded by standing sewage, call a septic company immediately.

Sewage Leaking from Drains

In the case that the main sewer line is completely backed up, the water and sewage has nowhere to go. Therefore, you may start to notice sewage coming back up through floor drains.

Water Back-Up in Showers or Sinks

As mentioned above, all drains in your home are connected and lead to the main sewer line. So, if you find that when using one drain, another backs up with water, this could be sign of blockage. For example, if your shower fills up with water when you flush the toilet or your laundry room sink fills up when you run the washing machine.

Regardless of the reason or how your sewer line backup presents itself, it is a serious issue. If you experience any of the signs above or are smelling or seeing sewage, be sure to call a local septic service provider right away. Not only are sewer backups inconvenient, they are also unsanitary and if not fixed immediately, they can cause bigger, more expensive issues.