March 31, 2020

3 Septic Tank Issues You Can Easily Avoid

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No one wants to deal with septic tank issues. While some problems may be unavoidable, like damage caused by earthquakes, there are others you can definitely dodge.

A few preventative actions and behavior changes could save you thousands of dollars in septic repairs down the road. Read on to find out how to avoid some common septic system problems.

Septic Problem No. 1: Non-Biodegradable Substances in the Septic Tank

Everything you flush down your toilets and drains will eventually end up in your septic tank. Unfortunately, some often-flushed substances can cause problems.

Paper towels, diapers, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, and cat litter are not biodegradable enough to decompose in a septic system. These substances can easily clump and clog up your tank, leading to unexpected issues that require costly maintenance. Many household chemicals, including cleaning substances, can damage your yard beyond repair if they enter your septic system.

You should also never flush tampons or sanitary wipes, even if the packaging says they are flushable.

Septic Problem No. 2: Too Much Pressure on the Septic System

Parking vehicles or placing other heavy objects above your drainfield or tank can put too much pressure on the system. These heavy objects can cause the ground above the septic system to pack tighter, which will negatively affect distribution lines.

Vehicles aren’t the only potential problems: swimming pools and hot tubs can also put an enormous strain on your septic tank. A swimming pool full of water can weigh thousands of pounds, which might be enough to crush pipes and crack even the best cement tank.

Even driving a light vehicle over a septic drain field can be a problem in wet conditions. To keep your septic system running properly, avoid parking or driving over any part of your septic system. You should also be cautious about landscaping over your drainfield, as some plants with deep roots can interfere with its operation.

Septic Problem No. 3: Digging Into the Tank

Imagine this scenario: you’re redoing your backyard. You’re so excited to finally build that gorgeous gazebo and garden you’ve been dreaming about for years, and then — uh oh! You hit your septic tank and crack it.

Forget the gazebo, you need professional septic service, and fast!

Fortunately, this is one septic tank issue you can easily avoid. Finding out where your septic system is can help you avoid digging errors when you are remodeling, installing a new cable line, or re-landscaping.

Ideally, you should have a map of your entire septic system and water lines. If you don’t already have one, ask the previous owner of the house or create your own map by locating the septic components. Then you can show the map to any professionals who do work around your yard or house so they don’t hit anything critical.

Maintaining Your Septic Tank in Western Washington

With these tips, you can keep your septic system running at its best. However, you will still need to stay on top of regular maintenance, including getting your septic tank inspected and pumped every three years or so.

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