November 29, 2019

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Septic Tank

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Sewer systems are widespread in cities, while septic tanks may be the only option in rural areas. But what about the areas in between? If you’re deciding between hooking up to a sewer system and installing a septic tank, it’s important to consider the benefits of each option.

There are many good reasons why people choose to use a septic tank over sewer service. Here are the top reasons we hear from clients.

1. Septic Tanks Can Be More Affordable Than Sewer Service

If your property is larger than an acre, a septic system will probably be more affordable than using a public sewage system. Even with pumping and maintenance costs, your expenses will be less than connecting to the sewer and paying for the utility.

The cost of installing a septic tank varies depending on your location, the kind of system you need, and the size of the tank. Regardless, it’s often less expensive than installing new pipes for a public sewage system.

2. Septic Tanks are Good for the Environment

septic tank ecologically friendlySeptic tanks use the soil’s natural filtering process to eliminate waste. After the wastewater is filtered by the septic tank, it is deposited in the drainfield, where the soil filters out bacteria. This process makes the water safe and returns it to the ground.

Recycling wastewater through septic tanks allows local water tables to be replenished naturally. This benefits the local wildlife and lowers your impact on the environment.

3. Septic Tanks Can Last for Decades

Most septic tanks last between 20 and 40 years. If you properly maintain your septic tank, you may be able to use it even longer.

4. Septic Tanks aren’t Hard to Maintain

To get the most out of your septic system, find a trustworthy local septic professional to provide maintenance services. You need to have your septic tank regularly pumped to avoid clogs and backups. For most households, we recommend getting your tank pumped every three years. Larger households or households with garbage disposals may need to get their tank pumped more often.

maintaining a septic tankSeptic systems are designed to provide effective long-term treatment of household waste. However, you still need to maintain them properly to ensure they don’t fail prematurely. If you choose to install a septic tank on your property, make sure to find a trustworthy local professional to do the job and provide regular maintenance.

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