Flushable Wipes Can Clog Your System

Using flushable wipes in your household could mean bad news for your septic system. The Huffpost Green reports that the FTC has called out Nice-Pak Products, Inc. for their unqualified claims about their “flushable” wipes. According to the article, when these wipes are flushed, they don’t break down as they should and can cause damage to septic systems and the environment. Read the whole article here  to learn how the FTC is tackling the problem, and how you can help.

“So-called “flushable” wipes are clogging plumbing pipes, septic tanks, and sewers in all parts of the world. Using keywords “wet wipes sewer”, take a journey through any search engine’s photo library and see a litany of appalling photos. Pounds upon pounds of these seemingly innocent products are causing plumbing and sewer nightmares and adversely affecting taxpayers and the environment.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has begun to mitigate the burgeoning problem by requiring a wet wipes manufacturer to substantiate claims that its products are, in fact, flushable. That is a difficult task, since sewers have already proven that those wipes do not degrade quickly enough, if ever, to be environmentally or plumbing-system friendly.”
-Excerpt from the article by Trina Spencer, The Huffpost Green

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